PurposeNominating Committee

To identify and recruit strong leaders to forward the goals of the Association.

Committee membership

The Nominating Committee consists of members appointed by the Immediate Past-President of VLA and is chaired by a past-president of the Association. VLA members interested in joining the committee should contact the Immediate Past-President or the Second Vice President to inquire about an appointment.


  1. To call for suggestions for nominations in January via the VLA web page and listserv. Prepare a slate consisting of two nominees for each open Executive Committee position, and for the ALA Councilor every three (3) years. Contact and secure written acceptance before nomination from two persons of their choice for each position. Invite nominees to attend the Council meeting held in June.
  2. To report the slate of all nominations to the Executive Committee and the Executive Director at the second quarterly Executive Committee meeting.
  3. To publish to the VLA web page and listserv the biographical information and position statements of the candidates nominated for each position, no later than the end of May.
  4. To assist the Executive Director in making ballots available to the membership for voting. Ballots are due September 30.