There are a number of ways to support VLA!

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VLA Scholarship Fund

VLA provides $2500 scholarships annually to students pursuing their graduate degrees. Your tax-deductible donation can be made though the form above. Sasha Matthews, 2015 VLA Scholarship Co-Chair, is pictured here with our three 2015 VLA Scholarship winners.

Our 2016 Scholarship Winners have been announced!


VLA Professional Development Endowment Committee

VLA’s Professional Development Endowment Committee focuses on learning and training opportunities that allow librarians, other professionals, paraprofessionals, and library students to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities and enable them to provide improved library services. Your tax-deductible donation to the Professional Development Endowment Committee can be made through the form above.

VLA Legislative Liaison Fund

The VLA Legislative Liaison provides services to, and works with, the VLA Legislative Committee on budgetary and other matters/issues that will be introduced and considered in the state legislature. The Liaison offers public relations suggestions related to the legislative process in Virginia. Contributions to the Legislative Liaison Fund help to offset the annual costs of the VLA Legislative Liaison, and are not tax-deductible. Please see the Donation Form, above.