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The purpose of VLA’s Collections and Technical Services (CaTS) Forum is to provide continuing education and an exchange of ideas on topics of interest to cataloging, technical services, collection management and systems staff. In addition, the forum educates and disseminates information on technology that aids professionals in storing for retrieval, diversifying collections, and increasing access to both physical and digital library materials. 

CaTS 2021-2022 Leadership

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  • Find a library to do a technical services practicum


Past Events 

CaTS Virtual Spring Forum 2022

On April 8, 2022, we held a virtual Spring Forum.  Our first speaker was Micahel Michael Sarmiento (NVCC), with the presentation, Overview of Metadata Batch Editing/Searching Tools.  Michael provided a broad overview and examples of using metadata batch editing/searching tools: MarcEdit, MatchMARC, and Notepad++. These tools help catalogers to do more tasks and save time. His presentation included an explanation as well as real-time demonstrations.  The second speaker was Jackie DeLong (SU), with the presentation, Academic Ebooks, the Good, Bad and Ugly.  Jackie discussed ebooks and OCLC's WMS system. Lessons learned regarding their use and useability in an academic setting. Her presentation also included real-time demonstrations.  The slides are available [see attached CaTS Spring Forum slides 4-2022.pdf]. A recording of the event is also available.

MARC & Tell Social

In August of 2021, CaTS brought Virginia’s public, academic, and museum librarians together for a virtual social event. Members discussed employment opportunities, professional development, pandemic challenges, and shared fun bookmark stories. Highlights included vintage lost bookmark finds, celebrity “book bites,” and a bookmark collection of travel souvenirs.

“Change the Subject” Zoomversation




In October of 2020 the CaTS forum hosted a virtual panel discussion with Jill Baron and Melissa Padilla who were key members of the “Change the Subject” documentary. The film details how a group of Dartmouth College students initiated a national movement to change the way subject headings are used to describe immigrants. The documentary aired on PBS and is available online via the Dartmouth College Library’s digital collections website and Youtube channel. 

CaTS Forum: Cataloging 

In 2019 CaTS hosted an open discussion forum at the VLA Conference where participants had the opportunity to network with other library staff who face similar challenges. There were lively discussions on the following audience driven topics: quality control in regards to automation, loading e-resources, local practices, database maintenance, documentation, and workflows. 

Learning Lunches 

In 2019 the CaTS forum hosted several learning lunch events at restaurants in each of VLA’s six regions to give members an opportunity to network and discuss professional topics of interest. 

CaTS Forum: Collection Management 

In 2018 and 2019 CaTS hosted discussions at the Henrico County Public Libraries that allowed participants from across Virginia to discuss topics of interest. Topics included e-resource management, workflows, collection evaluation, local author collections, manga series collections, and front-line staff training. The discussion centered events concluded with a networking lunch. 

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