Collections and Technical Services Forum (CaTS)

Welcome to the VLA Collections and Technical Services Forum! We want the CaTS Forum to be a place to 1) ask questions for technical services, collection management, and technology-oriented library employees, 2) share CaTS events, and 3) Share Collections and Technical Services related content that may be useful to others.

Please consider joining the Virginia Library Association (VLA) Collections and Technical Service (CaTS) E-list. Here are just some examples of what joining the list will help you do:

  • Get notifications of CaTS events
  • Ask ILS questions
  • Find out what other catalogers do about certain types of materials
  • What are others doing about e-book subscriptions
  • Get advice on collection management or other technical services best practices
  • Ask about emerging technology or new software
  • Find a library to do a technical services practicum

If you have any questions please contact Easter DiGangi ([email protected]) or Virginia Phelps ([email protected]).

CaTS Officers 2020

Technical Services Learning Workshop

Please join us for our second annual regional Learning Workshops! We will meet with other technical service departments and discuss topics related to cataloging, collection development, processing, collection layout/space, database maintenance, collaboration, tools, applications, and workflows. The agenda will be created by the topics you provide us at time of registration. After the discussion there will be an optional off-site lunch (details will be provided closer to the event) for anyone who wants to join us for additional conversation and networking opportunities.

Each regional workshop is limited to 30 participants, so register today: Please note that since each session is limited to 30 people, we ask that larger library systems please limit their initial registration to 4 people.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Easter DiGangi at [email protected] or Virginia Phelps at [email protected].