Programming ForumPurpose

The purpose of the Library Programming Forum is to promote collaboration between VLA members tasked with creating library programs. Members of the forum will be encouraged to share their experience with planning, promoting, and evaluating library programs.


Programming Resources

A list of resources that are helpful in finding inspiration and planning for programming can be found here


The goal of this forum is to build a network of active members who are interested in helping others create quality programs for their library.


Jennifer S. Brown, Chair, Augusta Public Library, [email protected]


Any active VLA member may participate in any forum.

Forum Officers

The Programming Forum will include a Chair and a Vice-Chair. The Chair will serve for one year. After this term, The Vice-Chair will assume the position of Chair and members will vote on a new Vice-Chair.


The Chair’s responsibilities include:

1.     Pay Association dues by January 1 of each year of office.

2.     Attend VLA Council meetings and participate in the affairs of the Association.

3.     Initiate and maintain communication with members of the forum.

4.     Plan, promote, and sponsor forum activities.

5.     Maintain a record of forum activities; preserve and pass on to successors a record of work and activities with recommendations for changes or actions; send material not needed for this purpose to the Secretary for addition to the Association’s archives.



Any active VLA member may participate in any forum